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Description of Zgirls (from google play)

When the zombies approach, you have to defend yourself! Don't want to blindly await death? Call up your school girls! Over 30 million players across the globe are waiting to play with you! The war has just begun...

After a Genetic disease, the world has befallen to a disaster in which zombies spread all over it. The last human beings are stuck inside the ruins of a school, and you are their commander. Here, you can collect and train beautiful young girls with different talents to be your personal zombie killers. They’re ready to eliminate zombies outside the school for you.
A huge wave of zombies is coming and you’re the last hope of saving the world!

• Upgrade your base to resist all kinds of raids from zombies and foes
• Manufacture ultimate equipment to support your forces even better
• Abundant quests and events help you quickly develop
• Play with friends or foes among players from all over the world
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarGameZgirls/

Version history Zgirls
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.36
1. The enabler display interface will support skin replacement
2. BattlePass S13 is open, commanders can get Yui and Gemini Donner & Comet Shards in BP Store
3. Optimized the display of the training troops page
4. Fixed related bugs triggered when receiving mails
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.35
1. Gemini Thunder & Comet have joined our shcool, the unique skill system will surely make the commanders feel an unprecedented strategic experience
2. Optimized the display of some frames and nameplates
3. Misaki's new skin can be obtained in the sign-in event
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.34
1. The LMC elites mode has been expanded to 60 layers, and the interface has been optimized as well
2. Happy Day will now correctly receive bonuses when the enabler Favor Degree reach Max
3. The situation of wounded troops in the Hover City is now in line with the battle report data
4. Optimized the display of the combat skills of enabler, and provided more detailed information
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.33
1. Fixed the problem when the mecha join rally
2. Optimized the logic of auto-battles
3. Fix the problem that Esther's skill description does not match the actual effect
4. Replaced related button resources on the world map
5. Fixed the issue that obsidian could not be collected from the Dark School
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.30
1. The permanent diamond card is on sale, you can get 1200 diamonds when purchasing, and then you can get 200 diamonds every day, valid for life!
2. Random/optional treasure chests for rare enabler add 6 new enablers fragments
3. Complete the basic skills of SP Sara and Yui
4. Fudo, Masami, Carlo, Sariko, Akiyama, combat skills installation
5. Optimization of the Troops Transformation surface
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.29
1. Sylvia, Narumi Ruri, SP Sara, and Yui's relationship are ready. (SP Sharo and Yui fragments will be obtained in the subsequent BP season)
2. BP S12 is online, and the new SP hero-Flower Fate: Sumika will appear as a level 200 reward. Positioned as damage dealer&supporter
3. The new version has enabled the winter snow scene, commanders, please keep warm (●'◡'●)
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.28
1. The 4th Anniversary Celebration will meet you on November 23. All commanders can receive generous celebration rewards as long as they log in during the event. The earlier the registration time, the more generous the rewards will be. In the celebration, commanders can redeem the skins of recent events at a limited time discount in the store.
2. Narumi Ruri skills installed, Ruri will become an excellent shooter commander who can effectively attack the weakest enemy
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.27
1. The new suit "Fairy's Spirit Suit" is online.
2. Add new elements for project original
3. Enhanced the active skill effect of SP Sara

1. Fixed the issue of inaccurate display of historical rankings in events
2. Fixed the issue where the group leader's avatar was incorrectly displayed in the arena
3. Fixed the problem that the warning of expedition error has reached the upper limit
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.26
1. The new battle report system is here! Added the combat performance feedback of the combat team leader. Optimized the interface so that the commanders can more easily grasp every move that takes place in the battle
2. .Source planning will no longer be restricted by queues and multiple project original troops can be in battle at the same time(Activate next version)
3. New Enabler-Yui (SSR) joins the our school, Commander-sama can unlock at BattlePass level 200
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.25
1. The enabler advance system is opened. Commanders can use the active antibody to upgrade your favorite enabler to unlock new skills and enhance attribute values.
2. Monthly card subscription is currently a limited time offer, subscription can enjoy a 50% discount for the first month, don’t miss it~
3. SP Sara skills are online now
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.23
1. The monthly subscription function is reopened but the trial function is cancelled
2. Optimized the automatic function in the expedition interface
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.22
1. Optimized the expedition interface
2. The world chat channel restricts speech to TB level 15
3. Valkyrie and Maid can now be split
4. Repair of mecha equipment experience props failure
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.21
1. Optimized the display of skill information interface
2. Fixed bugs related to mecha equipment
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.20
1. All 5 team leaders can now go into battle. The team leader will provide corresponding Buffs for the team based on her attributes
2. The hip-hop swordsman Sara joins our school and can be unlocked by BattlePass level rewards
3. The Alliance flag interface has been revised and new flag patterns have been added
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.19
1. The monthly card subscription function of all platform is temporarily closed. Players who have subscribed will automatically cancel their subscription after expiration.
2. Added quality background of the new enabler interface

Bug fix
1. Fixed the issue that account switching failed
2. Fixed some problem might make game lag
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.16
1. Update on the interface of enablers: enbalers has new attributes, which can provide additional bonuses to the squad troops
2. Optimization of the march:
a. The Project original queue is no longer limited to the Project original troops
b. Added "Recent March" option
c. Adjusted the interface layout to reduce the probability of misoperation
3. Voting event for the most popular anime characters will be launched soon
4. Fixed the enabler equipment glitch
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.15
1. Added world chat channel
1. Fixed the bugs related to the alliance mine
2. Fixed bugs related to garrison troops and enablers
3. Fixed the attribute error of the LvL 8 defense element
4. Fixed the bug that the battle record of defensive mecha was not displayed
5. Fixed the problem of incorrect equipment bonus of the defender
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.14
1. BattlePass interface update
2. Commanders cannot join a new alliance within 24 hours after exiting last one
3. Replaced a new special effect for the Ring of Eternity
4. Make the performance of level 1 troops more in line with expectations
5. Added 2 squad leader hero slots

1. Fixed the problem that the LMC
2. Fixed the attribute description of the Genesis suit
3. Kuroda Keiko's "Militant" skill is used to extend the CD
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.13
1.The new expedition system is online
2.The new suit-"Genesis" is coming. The unique "Ace Killer" suit attribute can cause a lot of extra damage to the troops with the largest proportion of the enemy. The Genesis Set is obtained by upgrading the Falling Sakura Set in the Armory. Commanders, hurry up and start collecting materials!
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.12
1. The new kizuna system is online. Commanders need to re-bond after server maintenance (no consumption)
2. The "Latest Obtain" function has been added to the inventory filter function, which is convenient for commanders to check the newly acquired items
3. Inventory interface update
1. Fixed the display error of the background frame of the arena rune quality
2. Fixed the problem that the radar button may be blocked by the pop-up window when the novice guides attacking the deads.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.11
Optimized the black line issue of the Summer Festival Castle skin
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.10
Zgirls Updated!
As the first global ACGN MMO game, Zgirls will bring you an unprecedented immersive game experience by letting you date with different girls and lead your girl students to fight against enemies. Enter the game right now and experience the latest game contents!(/≧▽≦/)
1. New enabler Narumi Ruri joins our school!
2. The new combat system and the new kizuna system will be opened after IOS version approved
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.8
The new system "Enabler Skin" is online! Commanders can enter the skin interface by the dressing button in the dormitory. After unlocking the skin, they will also get the corresponding new avatar.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.7
1. Dragon Boat Festival event notice: The Dragon Boat event will start at 8:00 UTC on June 23. We prepared 5 different styles of dragon boat castles to celebrate. Let's collect them all together.
2. Mech fund 2.0 is online,it will boost mechs grow up fast and rule the battlefield!
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.6
New system goes live
The Mecha Star Promotion System is coming! The mecha after the star upgrade will get a huge status upgrade and unlock new skills

Bug fix
1. Fixed the glitch "Bat Army" skill does not match the description
2. Fixed the display error of the Arena battle report
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.5
1. In order to ensure the security of the commander's account , we have added the secondary password function. Players can set a secondary password consisting of 6 digits or letters in the settings page. It needs to be verified before login
2. Fixed display error of Air mecha attack interval attribute
3. Fixed the display error of the information in the pop-up window when constructing the synthesis of core props

Interface update
1. Arena battle interface
2. Mecha interface
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.4
1. The new ability Sylvia joins the academy and has special counter-attack skills
2. The "Fight for Kids" event goes live, and the winners will get a new skin

1. Optimized the loading speed of resource points in the world map
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.3
1. Added decomposition options for some suits
2. Fixed the problem that the facility station cannot get the trophy correctly
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.2
1.The Sakura Festival event is started
2.The Arena Talent adds Lv31, Lv33, Lv35 related content
3.Optimized display of glory level skills in original project building
4.The single-player mode will be added to the weekend egg house event
5.Weekly card rewards have been greatly improved
6.Value-added daily purchase (reward center) stage rewards greatly improved
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.2.1
Zgirls Updated!
As the first global ACGN MMO game, Zgirls will bring you an unprecedented immersive game experience by letting you date with different girls and lead your girl students to fight against enemies. Enter the game right now and experience the latest game contents!(/≧▽≦/)
1.Arena rune
2.Arena talent
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.99
Optimized the Auto-battle for zombie of "Diamond Enhance" , reduce the probability of errors
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.98
1. Optimize the reward content for first charge and accumulated recharge for new player.
2. Upgrade the reward content of daily value purchase in reward center
3. Baattlepass new season will start after server maintenance
4. Added new frames to Arena Honor Store

Daybreak suit level requirements reduced
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.97
Rune related to Original Project troop

Eleanor has a new image now
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.96
1. Added 26-30 level talent content in Arena
2. The Honor Level of the Original Project institute

Upcoming updates:
1. Arena runes of Original Project troop will be added
2. Arena talent will expand relevant parts of the glory level
3. The Mech Ascension System (using the same type of components to strengthen the mech) was recently launched
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.95
1. The new set "Tamamonomae's Blessing" can be exchanged in Conqueror's treasure now.
2. The 3rd anniversary return player castle skin will be put on the April sign-in as a reward. Please do not miss the chance to collect.
3. Mission Pass of the new enabler Iris is coming online.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.94
Optimized some display effects
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.93
1. White Valentine's Day (Reissue of Valentine's Day event) goes live. Due to the delay in the castle skin during the Valentine's Day event, we restarted it to give more chance to collect the Castle skin. , and we are continuing to refine this set of skins, and we will add gorgeous special effects later.
2. The championship will no longer offer frames as reward, but will be replaced by a more flexible mark of conquest. We will add frames to the conqueror's treasure
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.92
1. Add ranks to the original honor trophy system, and the ranking will be based on the player's total honor points for the conquest mark.
2. BattlePass Update S6
3. New enabler Iris joins our school
4. Add "Tamamoe Mae" set with "Piercing Armor" attribute, and get it through redemption of the Conqueror's Treasury
The event calendar has been revised with a new look and some events can be previewed in advance
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.91
1. The Mech Ascent system is about to be launched. Each mech can use the corresponding part fragments to transform the Ascension, which will greatly improve the attributes and unlock new skills.
2. A new redemption item "Conqueror's Mark" has been added to each arena store, which can be used to purchase powerful equipment and items in the upcoming conqueror's treasure and rank system
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.90
1. Added event calendar function to view the content of this week's events
2. Added monthly card expiration reminder email, which will send a message reminder 3 days before the monthly card expiration
3. Shirley's active skill rebuild
4. Inventory filter function, you can view inventory by quality filter

1.Fixed the issue of reward error during the sign-in phase of the event
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.88
1. Add "daily special" task in the store page, you can purchase the most valuable packs every day
2. Most titles and frames will be transformed into unequal diamonds when reused when activated.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.87
1. The Spring Festival event will start at UTC 01-22 8:00
2. "Auto join team for boss" feature is now added to "Diamond Enhancement"

Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
Dear Commander, Zgirls Studio will start the Chinese New Year holiday on January 23rd, lasting one week. At that time, you may not be able to solve your problem at the first time, but we will fix it as soon as come back to work. Thank you for your understanding
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.85
1. The cross-city crusade has undergone a series of optimizations and is about to return. The battle is about to begin in 3 groups of cities:
c1001vs c1006
c1003vs c1009
c157 vs c158

2. The ice carnival event rewards have been upgraded. The rewards for passing and staying will be upgraded with the number of laps, and the rewards of each level will be greatly improved. The specific settings are:
Lv.1: 1-3
Lv 2: 4-10
Lv 3: 11-20
Lv 4: 21-50
Lv 5: 51+
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.84
1. New MissionPass for Mira's develop task
2. Lios's skills are released now
3. Monthly Card and 3 kinds of enhance buff are free to try now

Bug Fixed:
1. Fixed the issue of Mira's pic in Mission pass
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.82
1. MissionPass is available,rich tasks to help you quickly improve your enabler
2. Added 2 upgradeable chargeable skill items
Slow Missile: After using the target, the movement speed can be reduced by 50% ~ 400% (related to the item level)
Plague Missile: After being used on the target, the plague effect is released, and the soldiers in the city will continue to enter the wounded barracks at a certain rate
3. New Kizuna: Lois & Shirley Lois & Catherine
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.81
1.BattlePass s4 is turned on, commanders can choose to get s1-3 rewards in this season
2.Released the synthesis function of 7-level elements

Bug Fixed:
Fixed the glitch of Elite&Glory Nameplates
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.71
1.Battlepass s3 is coming on Oct 29th,New school skin and nameplate are waiting for u.
2.Frame shards and castle skin shards (get from fund tree) will be added a new funcation to reedem skin voucher
3.Skin stroe stuff updated
4.Update more reward for the "CR" event
5.Misaki and Mika will be added to Zbadge special price pool.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.70
1. The skin shop is ready now
2. Add a new item "skin voucher" to redeem the stuffs in skin shop. Commander can get it by daily task and packs.
3. The hot summer has passed and the seasonal events will be replaced with autumn themes.

1. Fixed a bug that challenge book(daily task) could be used in the inventory.
2. Fixed an error that some server could not sign up in champion battle.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.69
1. Add a Skin Store in the new "function" entrance
2.Alliance lifetree max level incread to lvl 10 now
3."Ice Carnival" event return

1. Optimized the login problem.
2. Punishzed the second batch of players who used the bug to copy the troops
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.68
1. The "Love Letters Combat" event will launch at Oct 1st.
2. Added the kizuna of Mira, Raly, Crim, Chiyo, Kurul, Kuroda, Catherine, will greatly enhance the combat effectiveness of our school!

1. Servers are still in continuous optimization (including the battle royal problem)
2. Punish some players who abused the bugs, hope consciously obey the rules of the game,to create a fair game environment.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.67
1. New enabler Catherine Edward joined our school
2. Catherine Edward Exclusive marchl effects
3. Battle Royal S6 frame
4. "Hope"suit is added to SR store

1. Improve champion mode's efficiency.
2. Issue of server laggy is under continuous optimizing.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.66
1.Battlepass S2 season is coming
2. New enabler Kuroda Namida join the school
3. Added Bp_s2 season frame, nameplate
4. Add 2 new equipment suits "Maid"&"Ancient battlefield", school skin

1. The number of battle rounds will be determined according to the TB level on both sides.
2. The equipment that the mech wears to reduce the attributes of the opponent is now fully effective.
3. Optimize cross-city expedition task display
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.65
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.61
1.Battle Royal S4 frame
2.New enabler Kurul Egheim is watiting for commanders to unlock

1. Temporarily turn off the skills "Self Sacrifice" of project origin
2. Temporarily turn off the daybreak suit 3rd attributes
3. Fix the problem that shooter's transformation attack bonus provided does not match the description
4. Extend the battle round of school battles
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.59
1.Enablers Raly Rothfield Active skill is coming
2.Battlepass system S1 season reward is coming on1.1.59 version
3.Add new Frame to Big Fight S3 Season
4.Update the rewards for the August Sign in
1. Fix the problem of missing team information after re-entering the game during the rally of hover city
2.Optimize the display of the avatar and frame in main interface
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.53
1. The hover city(Heroic) is coming online.
2. New event entrance for CVC
3. The interface of the mech system is fully revised.

1. Fixed the problem of mobie troops deal too much damage in arena
2. Mech perform better in battle
3. CVC league "view history" function works now
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.52
1.Champion Battle (All Cities) has been released
2.Added time limited type items (will be deleted when time up)
3.New enabler "Raly Rothfield" joined us.

1.Price of LMC troops vouchers were adjusted.
2.Optimized props synthesis
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.51
1.Added suit bulk split funcation
2.Fixed some of device adaptation issues
3.The cross city expedition and champion mode(All City) are coming soon!
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.50
1.Children's Day Event comes online.

1. All Mecha gears work now.
2. Slove the crash druing champion mode formation.
3. Other glitch fixed
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.49
1.Mecha parts upgrade function released (5:1)
2.New kizunas coming
3.You could show your favourite enablers in survival battle ranking now
4.Add bulk using dices for monopoly event.

1.Mecha gears will no longer be wasted during upgrading mecha skills
2.Final reward rate up in "Egg Smash" event
3.Other glitch fixed
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.48
1. Suit decomposition and Suit upgrade function are released.
2. New suit “Falling Sakura” Set comes online.
3. Skills of Mila Mules are ready to use.
4. Troops transformation max limited level upgrade.

1. Glory building display details update
2. Fixed the thumbnail coordinates of the hover city
3. Alliance store added “bulk buying” function
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.47
1.Mecha equipments released.
2. Glory building function is fully effective.
3.Set decomposition system is coming online.
4.New battle buff props.(March Size for school battle and arena)
5.New enabler Mira Mulls finally join our school.

1.Hover City interactive experience.
2.Survival battle interactive experience.
3.Group Buying double/triple reward condition.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.44
Zgirls Updated!
1. Adjusts the survival battle reopen time in beginner tutorial stage
2. Adjusts the request of unlock the area outside school in beginner tutorial stage
3. Fix some server login/lag problems

1. Tasks about multiplayer hover city can be completed now
2. Tasks request level of mecha can be completed now
3. Alliance daily survival battle tasks can be completed by sweeping
4. Daily task refresh time is changed to 0:00 in UTC time
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.43
1. Self-service Shop
2. Enablers training event
3. Reward for weekly card.
4. Phone calls and a short switch to the background, no longer interrupt the LMC battles.
5. Canceled the chance of free modification for troops transformation, but the battery consumption will be reduced

Bug Fixed
1. The issue notice not enough troops for champion mode when setting formation for Multiple teams.
2. Fixed the issue of using diamonds to upgrade the glory buildings
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.42
1. Add daily quest button in the right Navigation Bar
2. Survival battles add new levels
3. Mika Uehara skills are ready for battles.

1. The survival war task can be completed now
2. Air mecha attack priority and description does not match
3. Reform rules and rewards of some events
4.The calculation formula of the garrison
5. The sweeping conditions for LMC
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.41
update note:
1.The relic has been completely destroyed by commanders, and new challenge is coming soon!
2.Added daily challenge to Reward Center
3.Added "save enablers" quest to Reward Center
4.Add "How to grow up" info beside billboard

1.Prosperity BUFF bonus won't work for commander whose TB<6 any more
2.Reopen Troops Hide in new version
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.38
1. Achievement trophy system online
2. New enabler "Mika Uehara" joins our school
3. Survival Battle big update
(adding daily rewards, redeeming store, sweeping, experience props)
4. Diamond gift package interface upgrade

1. Champion battle mode function interaction and mail tips
2. Monthly card update buff content and stamina info display
3. Enabler's painting display
4. Player frame details interactive display
5. Update the "memento" interactive feedback
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.36
1. Adjust the balance between the offensive and defensive side in the arena
2. Adjust the damage suppression effect brought by the school building and the barracks
3. Fixed the problem that multiple teams in the city league mode use the same mech
4. Add multi-level monthly card purchase
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.33
1. Commander can hide troops in dorm
2. Tech. Building now support double queue researching
3. New defense bonus props category
4. Vehicle system is open now

1. Fixed the Shooter HP display issue in battle report
2. Fixed Kyanite cluster consumption issue
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.28
What's new:
1. Active skills of Esther enabled.
2. Active skills of Misaki enabled.
3. Active skills of Akiyama enabled.
4. New legend weapon contracts with Shiori, Misaki, Yesi.
5. New Scout Briefing Page.

1. Mecha DMG associates with the level of the Teaching Building. (The higher building level difference is, the lower DMG of lower level school can caused)
2. It will notify the quantity of RSS when it's insufficient.
3. Adjustment of Growth Fund.
4. Display of Enabler Skills Page
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.24
[Update / Optimize]
1. Mecha system opens in some cities.
2. Modified the CD time of Peace Shield props.
3. Enabler skin attributes can be accumulated.
4. Fixed the Legend Weapon contract with Kirine.
5. Survival Battle progress will not be lost in city merging.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.20
What's new:
1. Legend Weapon Skills opened
2. Added 31~50 ranking in Arena of Valor
3. More buildings support appointing enabler
4. Exclusive Props for Lost Machine City

1. Legend Weapon Refinement
2. Difficulty of Elite Level in Lost Machine City
3. Points gain in Arena of Valor
4. Power task judgement conditions in Legend Weapon Growth Fund
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.17
What's new:
1. Auto challenge in Lost Machine City
2. Upgrade of Esther
3. Mirai Suit
4. Legend Weapon Fund

1. Position of enablers in school
2. Obsidian Refine will auto refill resource if resource required is insufficient
3. Page of Resource Purchase and Owned Display
4. Damage of troops display issue in battle report
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.15
What's new:
1. New functions of Legend Weapon: Ascend, Contract, Refine, Ranking and others.
2. New troops level limit in cross-city arena (including CVC)

1. Interaction and other functions in Lost Machine City.
2. The display error of Legend Weapon attributes.
3. The display error of Legend Weapon materials in inventory.
4. The effect update delay of Rune.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.13
What's new:
1. Arena talent system
2. Lost Machine City
3. Discipline Alliance BOSS event

1. The display of bonus in battle report of arena.
2. Decreased the upper level limit of some suits.
3. Moved Mystical Building.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.11
What's new:
1.Skills of Akiyama completed.
2.History records of Lucky Draw.
3.New Faq about Alliance Recharge Chest/Alliance Task Chest.

1. No refreshment of Alliance Task Chest issue.
2. CVC related issues.
3. Unable to complete Legend Weapon Task issue.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.9
What's new:
1. Alliance Active Task comes online
2. Alliance Recharge Chest comes online
3. Legend Weapon Building and Task come online
4. Enabler Esther joins school
5. CVC arena starts open test
6. Completed the skills of Zrs-2
7. Zrs-2/Akiyama/Minami/Youko's Kizuna comes online
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.6
What's new:
1. Prosperous Degree System is in beta stage.
2. You can send Monthly Card to friends now.
3. StarRing Member Shop is open.
4. Daily Gift Pack function for StarRing Member is open.

1. Refreshing time error of draw system.
2. Get wrong hint when marching with the dawn suit.
3. Attributes display error of Gentleman suit.
4. The sent amount of stuffs in alliance doesn't match the amount received.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.3
1. Auto-replace function comes online.
You can add alternative enabler to defend. 2. You can go to the corresponding pages if you tap "General Battle" or "Facility Competition" in Event Center.
3. You can split all equipment in Smelting Workshop at one time.
4. Financial Fund & Alliance Garden is coming online.
1. Fixed the enablers overlap problem in main school.
2. Fixed Lucky buff can't take effect. You need to update your game to this version.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.2
1. Drawing system updated, adding Suit Drawing Mode/Time-limited Enabler Drawing Mode.
2. Added 3 new suits to Suit Drawing Mode.
3. Added New enabler Zrs-2 to Enabler Time-limited Drawing Mode.
4. You can draw 10 times now in Lucky Draw.
5. Added Comet and Donner to Survival Battle.
6. You can find partners linked by memento on world map.

1. Optimized game guide for newbies.
2. Support all-screen designed phones.
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.1.1
1. Replace the new combat interface
2. Add a series of new BUFF icons
3. Increased the ability to view heroes, monsters and drug information in combat.
4. Battle head frame star added
5. Repair a series of BUG in the battle
6. Add a new skill Icon
7. A new mall prop
8. Increased the reward display
9. Modify parts of some multilingual description errors
10. Add four new heroes
11. More details optimization and improvement
New in com.xingjoys.zgirls.gp 1.0.99
1. New Cross-city Arena comes online. Battle will be divided by level.
2. Each level of Cross-city Arena will add 5 extra places(11~15).
3. Zero is added to Survival Battle.
4. You can find Obsidian Store entrance on alliance page.
5. Added Relics Exploration to Date Campaign.

1. Remodel cost decreased.
2. Changed "Upgrade VIP level" to "Earn VIP Points" in Date Campaign.
3. You can get the mail with enabler shards after your alliance won the battle of Commander-in-Chief.
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